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TNC - The Nature Conservancy Community Building and Relational Skills Training for Nature Climate Solutions (NCS) Learning and Prototyping Networks

How can we cultivate practical community-building skills to foster meaningful connections and collaborations among different communities of practice and existing networks within the NCS Network?

What community engagement strategies can be designed to address the unique needs of the NCS networks, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all community members across diverse cultural and geographical landscapes?

How can we design and facilitate engaging and impactful learning experiences that resonate with TNC’s NCS Network members, effectively promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration?

Our proposed training initiative aimed to deliver comprehensive Community Building and Relational Skills Training tailored specifically to the NCS Learning and Prototyping Networks within The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Key staff members within the NCS Networks were trained with the necessary capacities to foster meaningful community engagement and participation while aligning with the goals and objectives of the NCS Prototyping and Learning Networks.

Through this training initiative, TNC key staff acquired expertise in designing and implementing community-building strategies and relational skills that enhance participation, create meaningful community engagement, build trust and cultivate high-impact networks dedicated to addressing global climate challenges effectively.


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