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Who We Are

Inner Development, Collective Impact and Systemic Transformation, 

About Lugar Sostenible

Our expertise in social innovation and impact strategic design enables us to develop innovative strategies and solutions for complex socio-environmental challenges.​

Since 2015, Lugar Sostenible has evolved into a social enterprise dedicated to assisting leaders and organizations in achieving their impact objectives through collaborative processes and methodologies. We have spearheaded social innovation solutions across Latin America and other parts of the world, offering a multifaceted approach aimed at catalyzing positive change.

We are dedicated to community building and relational skills, recognizing the importance of fostering strong, engaged communities as the foundation of sustainable change. Through facilitation and weaving, we create spaces for dialogue, collaboration, learning, and co-creation. 

We also understand the importance of inner development, nurturing self-awareness, empathy, and resilience among individuals and groups to catalyze change from within. We apply these principles to our personal and daily life practices and bring this approach into our projects, within communities, organizational systems, and beyond.

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A Global Community

We are a global community of facilitators, weavers, consultants, innovation designers, and social impact practitioners. Working collaboratively, we create, share, and develop methodologies and tools for inner development, collective impact and systemic transformation.

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