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TNC - The Nature Conservancy Climate Adaptation Network Strategy Design

The Nature Conservancy

United States, Global

How can we design and implement a strategic framework that optimizes the Climate Adaptation Network's impact and fosters collaboration among its diverse stakeholders?

The TNC Climate Adaptation Network Strategy Design project aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance collaboration and effectiveness within the Climate Adaptation Network (CAN) of The Nature Conservancy (TNC). As climate change continues to impact ecosystems and communities worldwide, the CAN seeks to strengthen its efforts in addressing climate-related challenges through collective action and innovative solutions.

This project focuses on promoting equity and justice in key regions around the world, where the effects of climate change are most severe. By adopting a systemic change approach, the CAN aims to foster resilience and sustainability in these regions.

The Nature Conservancy’s global adaptation team aims to embed a holistic approach to adaptation across the organization’s conservation work. TNC promotes the deployment of nature-based Solutions (NbS) as a vehicle for the empowerment of people and for conservation of nature. The Climate Adaptation Network will connect adaptation practitioners across TNC, helping create structure, facilitate knowledge exchange, learning, and deliver capacity building activities, as well as disseminate our common adaptation narrative across the organization – supporting the process of turning principles about adaptation into practice through project implementation.

As such, the Network will serve as a space for dialogue, learning, and capacity strengthening. The network will promote the continual improvement and the implementation of equitable adaptation actions and NbS across our various thematic and regional groups.


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