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Weaving the Fabric of Puerto Cruz: Sustainable Community Design

How can we foster sustainable and responsible tourism while addressing the socio-environmental challenges in Puerto Cruz?

We embarked on a process of deep exploration and active engagement with the community. Utilizing theater and active listening tools, we immersed ourselves in the fabric of Puerto Cruz to truly understand the issues at hand and assess the community's needs and aspirations. Through this immersive approach, a collective vision emerged, guiding us to form small entrepreneurship clusters within the community. Equipped with the necessary support and tools, these clusters became the foundation for implementing tangible solutions.

In parallel, we embarked on a journey of collective construction, working hand in hand with community members to develop and implement a comprehensive community zoning plan. This plan included initiatives for waste management and the organization of tourist areas, aiming to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism on both the environment and the community.

To promote sustainable and responsible tourism, we forged strategic partnerships and microcredit mechanisms and corporate volunteering initiatives. These partnerships supported local enterprises and facilitated the development of authentic and responsible tourism experiences, aligning with the collective vision for a thriving and sustainable Puerto Cruz.


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