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Turning Trash into Building Material: The Aluminum Block Football Stadium Project

How can we recycle the beer can graveyards in the Pemon communities of the Gran Sabana?

In the Pemon communities of Gran Sabana, beer cans arrive by plane but never leave the area, accumulating in vast, unmanaged heaps that cover hectares of land. This untreated waste has amassed for decades, steadily expanding with each passing day.

Rather than allowing these materials to go to waste, our approach aims to repurpose this abundant resource for the community's benefit. Every afternoon, men and women gather to play soccer, a cherished pastime that serves as a space for community gathering and play.

To address the pressing waste issue, we designed a recycling system to transform aluminum cans into sturdy building blocks. These blocks will form the foundation for a dedicated football stadium, providing an innovative way of using this material instead of keeping it as a waste.

Moreover, this project will tackle the Kamarata's excessive waste problem while simultaneously repurposing this material into blocks. These blocks can then be returned by planes to be properly disposed of and/or sold, generating additional income for the community. Most importantly, this initiative contributes to preserving the pristine region by eliminating waste and promoting sustainability.


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