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Sustainable Wellness at the Foothills of the Auyantepuy

How can we build a spa amidst the breathtaking Gran Sabana in Venezuela, facing the majestic Auyantepui, while respecting and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism?

The Auyantepui stands at an altitude of 2535 meters and covers an area of 70,500 hectares or 705 square kilometers. In the Pemon Kamaracoto language, it translates to "the Devil's Mountain" and is the Tepuy that houses Angel Falls, with a drop of almost 1 km. At the foot of this Tepuy lies the indigenous community of Kabak, which has been engaged in community tourism for over 50 years.

Our team collaborated with the indigenous Kabak community, which has been dedicated to community tourism in this area for over 50 years, to develop a design that honors and respects local tradition while offering a unique wellness experience for visitors.


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