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School of Arts and Crafts: A Practical Approach to Presence, Self-awareness, and Inner Development

Centros Etievan

São Paulo, Brazil

How can we integrate the principles of presence, self-awareness, and inner development into traditional education through arts and crafts?

Our strategic collaboration revolves around an educational project in São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing from the Etievan Educational Model, we designed educational programs focused on the personal development of children, youth, adults, and seniors in the areas of arts and crafts. Our goal is to foster the practice of presence, self-awareness, and inner development. Since 2017, we have created various educational programs for children in both public and private schools, as well as for families seeking immersion in this methodology. Additionally, in 2018, we offered a special program for adults over 60 years old.

Despite the global situation, we adapted to the pandemic by creating online courses that allowed us to expand our projects to Ecuador. In 2021, we undertook a project to expand and build a Cultural Center and the School of Arts and Crafts in São Paulo.

This project is dedicated to human inner development and education. Contact us for more information.


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