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Regenerative Futures: Community Engagement and Regenerative Agroforestry.

Third Millennium Alliance

Pacific Equatorial Forests of Manabí, Ecuador

How do we restore lost forests and promote sustainable livelihoods and Nature Stewardship in the long term in an agricultural community in the pacific equatorial forests of Ecuador?

Theory of Change Design:

This strategy involves engaging agriculture producers to restore deforested areas using agroforestry techniques while providing essential resources like training, product development support, and access to sustainable markets. Additionally, the project addresses pressing environmental challenges such as deforestation and monocropping. Its goals include building strong relationships with rural landowners, protecting endangered species, and restoring unique ecosystems, all while striving to reduce rural poverty through the establishment of regenerative economies.

Measurable effects will include an increase in agroforest hectares and overall vegetation cover, improvements in biodiversity, climate, soil, and water quality, as well as carbon sequestration and climate improvement.


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