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Regenerative Community Weaving: Cultivating Sustainable Tourism in Birongo

How can we co-create a sustainable tourism model that honors the cultural richness and environmental integrity of Birongo while fostering community integration and economic empowerment?

Birongo is a community of Afro-descendant farmers located in the central region of Venezuela, celebrated for its production of cacao and chocolate, as well as its religious rituals, magic, shamanism, and healing ceremonies using medicinal plants. Additionally, it boasts a group of musicians and dancers who promote local culture nationwide.

Our strategy focused on fostering community integration and establishing a common language that promotes cultural identity and environmental conservation, while advocating for responsible tourism. Through deep-dive working sessions, we aimed to understand and honor the community's cultural wisdom and traditions, consciously revitalizing each aspect that contributes to its uniqueness. We developed a governance model capable of facilitating collective and collaborative management of systemic changes and positive impacts.

Collaboratively, we provided support to tourism entrepreneurs through capacity-building initiatives and guidance during the inception and growth stages of their sustainable businesses.


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