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Punto Limpio: A Community-led Recycling Hub in Puerto Cruz

How can we empower the community of Puerto Cruz to address the waste problem through sustainable and collective action?

To empower the community of Puerto Cruz in addressing the waste problem through sustainable and collective action, we recognized the severity of the issue: litter strewn across streets, rivers, and the sea. Lacking proper waste management systems, particularly during peak tourism periods, this problem posed threats to both public health and the environment, while also challenging urban planning efforts.

Inviting for collective action, we facilitated regular meetings to cultivate a culture of community stewardship, ensuring sustained engagement and commitment to take collective responsibility for a cleaner, healthier environment. We co-design a comprehensive strategy engaging the entire community. Central to this approach was the establishment of a Recycling and Cleaning Center, serving as a focal point for collecting, sorting, and processing recyclable materials and These materials would then be transported by sea in boats to specialized ports for sale. The Punto Limpio building was design by Bioconstruction Architects and the project was sponsored by UNDP.


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