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Prospera: Strategic Thinking & Impact Fellowship Virtual Gathering Design and Facilitation

Prospera: International Women's Fund

Virtual within 9 countries

How can we facilitate a women's international gathering for global feminist organizations during a pandemic?

Amidst the pandemic context, we encountered the challenge of facilitating a virtual gathering to commemorate the application and strategic execution process of the Theory of Change models from nine international women's funds. Our solution involved designing an interactive and contemplative journey, enabling participants to reflect on the challenges encountered throughout the year, employing tools for deep contemplative practices and sharing.

Through a circle of experience sharing and other methodologies for collective agreement and new action creation, we were able to illustrate each element that emerged from the process. This virtual meeting provided a unique opportunity to acknowledge the work accomplished amid a global pandemic.

During a time of historical difficulty, these women managed to connect with other women's funds, fostering stronger networks and interacting from a vulnerable and sensitive place, strengthening each other positively in support of their mission for a more equitable future.


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