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Preserving Ecuador's Pacific Equatorial Forests

Third Millennium Alliance Foundation

Manabí - Ecuador


How can we effectively address the complex deforestation threats of the Pacific Equatorial Forests of Ecuador? 

Third Millennium Alliance (TMA) was founded to address the threats to the Pacific Equatorial Forests of Ecuador. These forests, rich in biodiversity and vital for local communities, were under severe pressure from deforestation, land degradation, and unsustainable land use practices such as cattle ranching.  Only 2% of these forests are preserved.

Recognizing that these threats posed a significant risk to the integrity of the ecosystems and the well-being of the communities dependent on them. Third Millennium Alliance (TMA) adopted a comprehensive strategy, acquiring land for conservation, implementing effective restoration efforts, engaging with local communities to promote regenerative agroforestry and sustainable livelihoods, raising awareness about the importance of community-based biodiversity conservation, and conducting scientific research and wildlife monitoring.


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