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Mosaico: Social Impact Training Program

Mosaico and The Amani Institute


How can we create projects of innovation and social impact in companies?

Our strategy was to collaborate with five companies, businesses, or organizations looking to develop their strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), or Social Impact.

Through our Social Impact Training Program, designed by The AMANI Institute, our students worked with these five entities to design and implement five projects over a three-month period.

Our training methodology was based on proven tools and practices, focusing on the inner development of change agents. Our experiential training assisted leaders, teams, and organizations in creating practical and impactful projects that addressed social challenges, allowing them to achieve their sustainability and social responsibility objectives. By scaling their impact, we were committed to helping companies realize their full potential by generating positive social impact, meeting their sustainable goals. Contact us to explore how we can collaborate with you.


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