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Measuring Impact: A Holistic Evaluation Model for Smartrip's Sustainable Tourism Programs

SMARTRIP, Agora Projects


How can we effectively measure the impact of Smartrip's sustainable tourism programs?

In our consultancy, we've crafted a holistic impact evaluation model to gauge the social, cultural, environmental, and economic well-being fostered by companies through their programs and operations. We operate on the premise that sustainable practices can elevate community well-being, making business development a pathway to greater societal, cultural, environmental, and economic prosperity.

Our model encompasses five core sustainability criteria: social, cultural, environmental, economic, and governance. We meticulously measure each criterion's impact across the company's value chain, setting standards for well-being. For instance, we assess indicators like leadership, self-confidence, and environmental consciousness under the social sustainability criterion. By employing indicators and regular assessments, we ensure precise insights into companies' sustainable impact on their operating communities.


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