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Designing Sustainable Territories across 3500 Hectares in Coastal Ecuador

How can we become thriving and resilient communities while preserving and enhancing the ecological integrity of 3500 hectares along the coastal forests of Ecuador?

Strategy Desing aimed to foster sustainable development within a 3500-hectare rural community by employing a comprehensive approach that integrates ecological design, appropriate technology, and community-based solutions.

  • Engaging community members in the planning, decision-making, and implementation processes to ensure local ownership and long-term forest stewardship.

  • Applying permaculture principles and nature-based solutions to optimize land use and enhance ecosystem health. Such as regenerative agriculture practices, restoring degraded landscapes, and promoting biodiversity conservation.

  • Social innovation, co-designing and adapting technology that is suitable for the local context, emphasizing low-cost, low-impact solutions. This involves for example the use of renewable energy systems, water harvesting techniques, and eco-friendly construction materials to minimize environmental footprint and maximize resource efficiency.


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