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Bamboo House: A Nature Sanctuary made by hand

How can we design a sanctuary immersed in nature, using only resources found within the local environment?

The Bamboo house was built in The Jama-Coaque Reserve, located in the Pacific Forest hills, at an elevation of 400 meters above sea level.

Our strategy entailed the construction of a 400 m2, two-level house designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment. By locally sourced materials such as bamboo and tagua palm leaves, we ensured minimal ecological impact while maximizing functionality and aesthetic appeal. The innovative design incorporated expansive windows and open spaces, fostering a deep connection with nature and showcasing the potential of local construction techniques using bamboo. Throughout the project, we actively engaged with the local community, garnering support and inspiration for our endeavors.

The resilience of our bamboo house was put to the test during the earthquake of April 2016, which devastated neighboring structures built with conventional materials. Our nature refuge emerged unscathed, highlighting the safety and efficacy of local construction techniques under adverse conditions.

This project exemplifies our dedication to reclaiming and adapting traditional elements responsibly, paving the way for a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature.


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