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Yarina Project: A Social Innovation Sprint to build resilience during the pandemic.

Yarina Music School

Otavalo, Ecuador

How can we sustain the activities of Yarina Music School in a sustainable and long-lasting manner?

The Yarina Music School serves as a vital space in the Otavalo community of Ecuador, nurturing talented young musicians and preserving cultural traditions. However, ensuring the school's sustainability is an ongoing challenge that requires innovation and creativity. We collaborated with the community and the school to conduct an 8-session Social Innovation Sprint using a Theory U-based methodology to delve deeply into the root of the problem and explore inner capabilities for action based on emerging learnings.

Throughout these sessions, a practical project was designed to raise funds and ensure the school's long-term sustainability. The outcome was the Online Kapak Raymi Festival, a unique experience that allowed the audience to immerse themselves in traditional music and Otavalo culture.


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