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The Life Atelier: Supporting Youth to Design their lives

São Paulo, Brazil, Global

How can we help young people design and envision their lives from a perspective of self-awareness?

Guided by the principles of the Etievan Methodology, which emphasize attention, willpower, perseverance, the pursuit of knowledge, self-confidence, responsibility, and readiness for life, we assist young people in exploring their inner potential and acquiring life design skills to shape their futures. Above all, we aim to help them discover the sense of freedom that emerges when one is true to oneself.

Our approach centers on establishing a secure and imaginative environment where young individuals can unearth their genuine capabilities and chart their life paths. We furnish them with the necessary tools and competencies to contemplate and plan their lives through a lens of self-awareness, empowering them to make deliberate and informed choices about their destinies. By the program's conclusion, participants are equipped to confront any obstacles that may arise and are poised to emerge as innovative and conscientious leaders within their communities and beyond.


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