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Phomenta and Johnson & Johnson: Social Innovation Sprint - Collaborative Solutions for NGO Social Impact

Johnson & Johnson

Brazil, Mexico, and Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia

How can we leverage corporate volunteering to foster social innovation and create sustainable solutions for NGOs?

A Social Corporate Responsibility program, created by Phomenta in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson's Global Community Impact Unit, was implemented across Brazil, Mexico, and Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Ecuador) with the aim of developing innovative solutions to assist local NGOs using Phomenta's design thinking methodology.

Lugar Sostenible facilitated these Sprints biannually, involving participants from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile to aid in implementing social innovation solutions for local NGOs since 2020. Focused on tackling management challenges and promoting increased social impact in areas such as health, diversity, inclusion, justice, and education, our methodology emphasizes team building skills and social innovation design.

Here is a list of some of the partner NGOs we have supported during these Social Innovation Sprints:

FIC (Health Policy)

Cimientos (Education/Youth/Vulnerable Communities)

A Mano Manaba (Education for Vulnerable Communities)

No Tan Diferentes (Gender Inclusion)

Cardio Chavitos (Surgery for low-income Children with cardiovascular diseases)

Alma (Health, Breast Cancer awareness, and post-surgery support)

Compañeros en Salud (Health/Vulnerable Communities)

Fondo Semillas (Gender Inclusion)

CEJAM (Community Health)

Entrega por SP (Social Assistance for Homeless People)

Casa Chama (Inclusion/Transgender)

Comadres (Gender Equity)

Beaba (Children with Cancer Support)

Grupo Vida Brasil (Elders)

Monte Azul (Education in Vulnerable Communities)

PCA (Supports low-income families with children with AIDS)

Voces Vitales (Women Leadership)

Surcos (Community Health)


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